The TYT MD380 UHF DMR Radio

So it seems over the last few months that there has been a surge and flutter of interest around the DMR mode , mainly on UHF or 70 cm ,

there is now a number of 70cm DMR repeaters across not only Victoria but Australia ,

some of the local ones for Victoria include pretty sally , mt anakie , karingal , narre warren just to name a few , these are all DMR -Marc network repeaters , there are also reports of some “brandmiester ” DMR repeaters around on both uhf vhf ,

Getting back to it , a large percentage of these users , when ask what they are using , say none other than the MD380 this is a tyt radio and is re badge’s  under a wide range of names and makes ,

so i’ve had one for prob a few months now , and thought that it would b good to give a quick run down ,……………………………………

The first impressions of the radio , are that its a nice size and nice looking radios , it has a “commercial ” or “semi commercial ” look to it , yet its not overly big or heavy

i got one pretty cheap off flea bay ,  sorry ebay , this one came with the satndard , 2 antennas , a long and a short , a programming cable and software , battery and desktop drop in charger ,

once charged up , i had it on the pc and dropped a code plug (radio configuration file , ) into the radio , this i had been working on for a little while , and had most of the repeaters both anlouge  and dmr ,

first i checked it out on my local repeater , VK3RPU all was good , i then went to a DMR  repeater , well , i had to go for a bit of a walk outside , and find a sweet spot

once i did that , no problem ,

i have found this radio one of the better ones to get on line for DMR  use ,

with the addition of a few extras such as a better antenna , and different firm ware using tyt tools the addition of an open spot , (all il cover later down the track )

later on il put up a detailed review

ive had a ripper time , the DMr mode is really worth looking into

ive made contacts all over the world , all on a 70cm H/T

what a wonderful time to be alive !!!

For Specs and manufacture info

For more detailed info see the following links


cheers and 73’s for now


John VK3WR

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