Welcome to The Ham Shack

Hi , and Welcome to The Ham shack ,

This is a fresh page that hopes to bring you the latest reviews , updates , news, event info , pretty much anything in radio from all over Australia ,

The ham shack is based in Victoria Australia , south of Melbourne , and i would dare say the very large percentage of this info would be based in this area that being said ,

i will try and cover a wide area around the whole of Australia

this will be or could be pretty much any thing that is radio relates and seems to be of interest ,

i also hope to be able to do some reviews , i have been playing around with a few DMr hand held radios , so i hope that this could give the site a bit of a kick start ,

i also plan to do some informative posts i.e how to s or along those lines ,

the sky  is really the limit , and again if you want anything added, have an event that you think could be worth a mention , or want to contribute please drop me a line

dont forget to head over and like the socials as well , the ham shack can be found on all the major socials , face book twitter , and insta

please ear with me a little while i build and put things together ,

and if you hear e around the bands , be it VHF/UHF , DMR , HF please feel free to jump up and say hi

cheers and 73’s

John VK3WR



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